Long Library

Long Library


Library Fun


Angela Pedigo

Library Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM– 4:00 PM

Checkout Policy

Students can check out 3 books at a time unless they have overdue or lost books.
They may keep the books for 3 weeks.  Students can renew books if they need them longer.

Library Schedule

The library operates on a flexible schedule.
All Language Arts classes visit the library every three weeks.
Additionally, classes are scheduled in the library for projects or research.
Students may check out books during scheduled classes, before school, after school, or when a teacher gives them a pass to come to the library.


Students must pay for lost or damaged books or chromebooks.

Special Events

  • Texas Lone Star Book Challenge
  • Thanksgiving Reading Challenge
  • Christmas Break Reading Challenge
  • Summer Reading Challenge

ID Badges

Students are required to wear their ID Badge every day.  Students that forget their badge can get a one day temporary ID from the Student Services office.  If a student needs a new badge, they will visit Mrs. Pedigo in the library before or after school.  ID Badges cost $3.00 after the second lost badge.

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